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  2. PARAGRAP Story

We are pursuing the development of motorsports.

PARAGRAP is organizing a global company that puts customer satisfaction and product quality first.
The ultimate goal is to use the value system of "Management ideology, Core values, and Management principles" as a compass for
management and to contribute to Motorsports based on the best technology and talents.

PARAGRAP is a combination of parameters and graphs. Four mechanical engineers started with the will to visualize all the data in the world.

We focused on motorsports that change every minute and are very organic depending on the situation and completely different aspects depending on the environment. PARAGRAP is developing a product based on driving data of motorsports. The beginning is the mount technology. We are commercializing a camera stand that allows stable video shooting even in the most extreme situations.

Based on these technologies, we are commercializing stands such as "Smartphones," "Tablets" and "Display" that enable reliable video viewing. PARAGRAP's products develop products that can be fixed and functional beyond simple fixation.
We will not let go of product development for customers who need PARAGRAP. I will do my best to imprint the design and brand power of the world beyond South Korea.

Like the PARAGRAP company philosophy that considers the quality of products and customer satisfaction first, even if companies realize profits, we will organize a steady enterprise that remains unchanged from the beginning to the end. All products released by PARAGRAP, like corporate philosophy, will fully listen to customers and consistently reflect them in the product.

We will always do our best to show you the company's sincerity and sincerity in the attitude that we are not good enough for you.

Most of our lives have changed due to Corona19. It was a really hard time for all of us. Nevertheless, I hope to be remembered as a good time and memory with PARAGRAP today.

Even if it's a little slow, I'll convey my sincerity to you in the right direction.
Thank you.

Dominic Park






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