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PARAGRAP(파라그랩) After-sales service and Warranty System

PARAGRAP is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. PARAGRAP is proud of its products and services. If you are experiencing problems with using PARAGRAP products, please take a moment to read the information below and confirm that this is within the PARAGRAP warranty range.

PARAGRAP puts customer satisfaction and product quality first. A/S requests are not rejected or avoided. And we produce and keep the parts in stock for A/S separately. So there is no problem with A/S even if the product is sold out or not produced. You can let go of your worries. If you give us an A/S or C/S request, we will listen to it and respond sincerely. PARAGRAP is always grateful to customers who have purchased and used the product.

Refundable condition: The product label (seals, labels, stickers, seals, etc.) remains intact (proud of round-trip shipping costs) but it is excluded in the case of product defects.

Product warranty period: 365 days after purchase

PARAGRAP Premium Warranty Period: 1,095 days after purchase

(HBM430C, H430TSM models only)

A/S available purchase channel: Only online purchase

Online channel : PARAGRAP Offical website, Amazon, Ebay

Free A/S condition: When the purchaser's purchase record (date) is less than one year;

(PARAGRAP Premium: For HBM430C, H430TSM models, when the buyer's purchase record (date) is less than 3 years)

Paid A/S conditions: When it is not subject to free A/S conditions and the buyer's proof of purchase records is available.

(transaction receipt, bill, purchase statement, etc.)

Non-A/S conditions: When proof of purchase records of the purchaser is not available (e.g., used transactions)

We would like to help you have a complete understanding of the products you purchased online. Items damaged due to non-warranted reasons cannot be refunded in accordance with the refund guarantee policy. Also, the related shipping fee is not refundable. (Note: This guarantee applies only to orders placed on the "Paragrap Official Homepage", "Amazon", and "Ebay"). A/S cannot be received if the buyer's purchase record cannot be verified, or if there is no purchase record including personal transactions. (used trading, etc.)

*The following items are excluded from the refund guarantee: Accessories that include "ISC", "ISCS", "ISCSMC" and other "SMC" handled by PARAGRAP Korea. The refundable condition is that the warranty seal attached to the product box remains intact. All A/S including free and paid will be charged a round-trip shipping fee.

1. How to apply for A/S

1-1. E-mail (All countries except South Korea only accept E-mails.)
       - E-mail : (Send E-mail)
          You can get a perfect answer within up to 8 hours.
          If you send a photo or video via email, we can have more detailed and accurate consultations.

1-2. Product delivery for A/S
       - Shipping Address for A/S : (31116) #310, Biotech Business Incubation Center, Dankook Univ,
                                                      119, Dandae-ro, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do,
                                                      Republic of Korea
       - The customer will pay for the round-trip shipping of all A/S.
1-3. When we receive the product, PARAGRAP will send you an email confirming receipt.
1-4. PARAGRAP will send you a settlement email when there is a cost.
1-5. When all settlements are completed, PARAGRAP will send you the products that have been completed with A/S.

2. A/S Warranty Period

2-1. Product warranty period: 365 days after purchase
       - In order to receive the correct A/S, you must have the purchase history or receipt of the product.

3. A/S Policy

3-1. Within the warranty period
       - Performance/Functional Defects in Normal Use > Free Repair
       - Two repairs have been made to the same fault, but the fault has recurred (3rd) > Product exchange
       - In case of failure due to consumer intention/fault > Paid repair

3-2. After exceeding warranty period
       - Non-Repairable and Rejected

3-3. If not under warranty
       - Poor performance and failure after quality assurance period
       - Failure caused by careless use by consumers
        (falling, impact, damage, excessive operation, failure to comply with precautions, etc.)
       - Cased by a non-PARAGRAP organ and person has repaired and failed.
       - If there is no purchase history and purchase receipt (including used transactions)

3-4. Other Policies
· PARAGRAP mount products are guaranteed for manufacturing defects within one year from the date of initial purchase. PARAGRAP is solely responsible for repairing or replacing defective parts or products at the sole discretion of PARAGRAP if such defects occur during this period. Except for such repair or replacement, warranty, condition or other responsibilities shall not apply to the sale, treatment or other handling of this product, even if defects or losses are caused by negligence or other negligence. This warranty or any other warranty shall not apply to damage caused by use, accident or routine wear. PARAGRAP shall not be liable for any accident, injury, loss of death or other claims arising from or relating to the use of this product. Under no circumstances shall PARAGRAP be liable for any incidental or consequential damage caused or related to the use of this product or its parts. Poor performance and failures after the warranty period, failures caused by user negligence (falling, impact, breaking, excessive operation, non-compliance, etc.) , PARAGRAP, or non-partners, organizations or agencies are not eligible for warranty coverage. Watch and follow the instructions carefully when using the product! Return or replacement of parts and/or products may be subject to shipping, handling, replacement and/or repository charges.

· The use of the Product shall be deemed to have read the disclaimer in this document carefully and to agree to understand and comply with the stated Terms and Conditions. In addition to being explicitly provided by PARAGRAP A/S policies, products and all materials and content delivered through them are provided "as is" or "as is" without warranty or conditions of any kind. PARAGRAP, whether explicit or implied in relation to the product, product accessories and all materials, including: PARAGRAP All kinds of warranties, except as expressly provided in the A/S service policy, shall be guaranteed. Disclaimer: (A) commerciality, suitability for a particular purpose, rights, entertainment rights or all implied warranties of non-infringement, and (B) any warranties arising from the course of handling, use or transaction. PARAGRAP does not guarantee that the product, accessories, parts of the product or all materials are uninterrupted, protected, error or other harmful components, except as expressly provided by the PARAGRAP Limited Warranty, and does not guarantee that all of these issues will be resolved.

· Notifications or information obtained from products, product accessories, or all materials, whether verbally or in writing, are not warranties for PARAGRAP or products not expressly mentioned in this Agreement. You bear any risk of damage that may result from using or accessing the Products, Product Accessories and all materials. You understand and agree that you are responsible for any injury, death, damage to your property (such as computer systems, mobile devices or other hardware used in connection with the product) or property damage to a third party at your own risk.

3-5. A/S Shipping Policy
· All A/S shipping costs (round-trip shipping cost) including paid and free of charge are borne by consumers.

대한민국(South Korea), Asia Pacific

주소 / アドレス / 地址
(31116) 충청남도 천안시 동남구 단대로 119, 생명공학창업보육센터 310호
(31116) 忠清南道天安市東南区丹大路119、生命工学創業保育センター310号
(31116) 忠清南道天安市东南区丹大路119号,生命工程创业保育中心310号

America, Europe, Middle East and Africa

(31116) #310, BBIC, DKUniv, 119, Dande-ro, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Republic of Korea

Do you have any questions or comments? Click the ""Contact Us"" button within the top Customer Support category to contact our support team for the best customer support service. PARAGRAP values your feedback!






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